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Sport Center Camp (SCC) was created specifically for those who want to achieve great results in hockey. This camp will focus on improving a player's skills such as stick handling and skating speed. Whether you are a forward, defender or goalie Sport Center Camp will help any player improve their game. Our first camp will be held in Colorado with the intentions of hosting more camps throughout other states. 


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Hello, friends!  We hope that you are healthy and your family is not affected by the virus!

We had planned to go through the first BESA Hockey skating camp and Pavel Barber skills camp in two weeks.  We all waited for these events. But unexpected changes again came to our plans.  The management of the Apex ice arena notified us that during the sessions of our camp at the same time there is a limited number of participants on the ice !!  (8 hockey players) In this regard, we cannot fully conduct our training hockey camps in May.  We, Sport Center Camp, BESA Hockey, and Pavel Barber jointly decided to postpone the dates of our camps to a later date.  We have information that from mid-June it will be allowed to conduct full-fledged training sessions on ice arenas in Colorado.  New dates for the hockey camps BESA Hockey skating camp are June 26-28.  Pavel Barber skills camp is July 1-4. Schedule of training sessions, see our official website www.sportcentercamp.com.


 - B.E.S.A Hockey Skating Camp, June 26-28, 2020. 

    The registration is open now. 

 - Pavel Barber Skills Hockey Camp, July 01-04, 2020.

    The registration is open now. 

Camp Activities

Speciality Areas

Pavel Barber Skills Program

The Pavel Barber Hockey development program highlights puck carrying abilities. That includes puck protection, puck control, elimination moves, stickhandling into shots/passes, eliminating puck spin, top, and bottom hand positioning and rotation, how to keep the puck flat, stickhandling accuracy, and overall finding creative solutions.

The program consists of 2 phases.

1. Skill acquisition: Understanding physically how to perform skills.

2. Skill application: Understanding mentally where and when to apply those skills.

The overall goal of the program is to not only give players a new set of skills, but to also get them thinking deeper about how they can apply those skills to their game, and to inspire them to put in the work on and off the ice.

Skating Program

B.E.S.A. Skating program:

Balance - proper understanding and positioning of the main square of the body in relationship to the ice, skates, stick and the rest of the body parts; 


Efficiency – understanding the purpose of all smaller parts of the body - wrists, ankles, knees, head, toes; 


Speed - nothing else but a logical result of successfully applying and combining proper balance and efficiency; 

Agility - you guessed, it is a combination of balance, efficiency and speed. By putting them all together players gain the ability to obtain and control their speed and apply it to any direction necessary during a game. In another words, agility is the ability to operate your speed (just like manual car transmission). 

Goalkeepers program

Our Goalkeepes Training Program allows our active campers to focus on:

 Positioning in the net


 Butterfly and half-butterfly block

 Control of returns on low shots and high shots

 Reaction to short and long returns

 Butterfly slides

 Veiled shootings and deviations

 Work on the games around the poles


 Puck handling for the goalkeeper

Skills Training Program

HHH Hejduk Hejda Hockey:

 Physical conditioning

 Receiving/passing the puck

 Wrist shots/ slap shots from different angles

 Finding free ice

 Practice of the game-like situation

 Puck control using speed

 Stick possession

 Wrist shots/slap shots from different angles

 Choice of position in the game against the defender

 Body possession

 Practice of the game-like moments

 Puck handling

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